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Company Profile



CoolServ was established to address the needs of the food service and soft serve industries. We provide unparalleled expertise in the ice cream, soft serve and equipment industry, making it simple for operators to easily get equipment, consistent programs and service nationally.


Program Types

We provide Taylor equipment, most include service, training and repairs:


·         Monthly and term rentals

·         Seasonal programs

·         New equipment sales & leasing

·         School and food service programs

·         Free good & coupon programs



We provide Taylor soft serve machines:


·         Single flavor and two flavor with a twist

·         Countertop and floor models

·         110 volt and 220 volt machines

·         Overnight stand-by refrigeration



CoolServ services and maintains our equipment by utilizing:


·         Factory trained service technicians

·         Taylor’s national service network

·         Toll-free customer service and troubleshooting hotline

·         CoolServ’s network of service technicians


We combine over 20 years of related expertise, which ultimately helps our customers maximize sales and profits.  Our current customer base includes all the major food service management companies, many well known independent accounts and most nationally branded product manufacturers.  We operate our soft serve equipment programs nationally using Taylor equipment and a combined national service network.